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Icey16, Hove

In the last month I’ve also started having deep tissue massages with Nina. Nina’s technique is excellent and she has always chosen the perfect pressure for me. These massages have left me feeling relaxed and renewed, I can’t wait for the next one.

Clinical Massage Therapy

Having recently studied at and been greatly inspired by the unique massage fusion techniques of Jing Advance Clinical Massage School, I am excited to offer treatments targeting specific problem areas, including neck, shoulder and back pain, joint stiffness, and many other conditions that present chronic pain.

I am dedicated to helping each client achieve optimal health and wellness. With a self care plan included in the course of treatments, client will find it easier to maintain the achieved outcome and enjoy long lasting benefits. I strive to provide a relaxing massage experience that not only eases physical discomfort and tension but also promotes mental and emotional well-being.


Please contact me for a brief chat over the phone to assess the suitability of the treatments for you.


If you decide to go ahead, your first appointment will last 75 minutes and includes a thorough consultation, ensuring you receive the care and attention you deserve. This is followed by a course of 1 hr treatments, recommended at weekly intervals with an assessment of progress after three appointments. 

Initial consultation with massage £65 (75min)

1hr deep tissue massage £55

Course of five 1 hr massage appointments £250

Directions to yoganina massage studio

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