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Individual and Group Yoga in Hove

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Individual classes

Private classes can be helpful for healing an injury or getting back into shape with the session planned according to your particular needs.

The class can take place in my studio or a location that suits you the best. This could be in the comfort of your own home, during lunchtime at your desk or on the seafront, even. With a bit of creativity, the benefits of yoga can be felt in almost any location.

Group classes

Yoga is at it’s best when practiced together and the energy that is created, can be shared. 


Come and join our friendly groups at regular weekly studio classes. Suitable for all levels;  

if you have never tried yoga before or consider yourself an advanced yogi. 


When the weather is suitable, we aim for an  invigorating outdoor practice. Please get in touch for further details.

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I feel privileged to have had my journey with yoga and feel passionate about sharing the benefits yoga gives me. It is my aim that after a class, you will walk away feeling nurtured, refreshed and energised, with a lighter spring in your step.

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