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Styles of yoga I teach

The style of yoga I teach has solid foundation in classic yoga asanas, which in English we call postures. I like the principles of Scaravelli style, but also like to combine some body conditioning and dynamic, flowing sequences into the class depending on who I teach and what type of energy people are looking for from their practice.  Since I like to mix things up, no class is the same but  each will always end with restorative poses and relaxation.


I also teach Restorative Yoga as a full session. These classes are helpful for a combatting stress or fatique or for anyone in recovery, be it physical or emotional.  Restorative yoga will bring stillness into the body through poses, in which you are supported by props. By working with your breath, you can encourage yourself to fully relax into restful state and as a result your nervous system gets a chance to reset itself and healing can take place.  

About Nina

My yoga history and experience

Once I discovered yoga at a London health club in 1999, I quickly realised the value it had as a fundamental tool for wellbeing in my role as airline crew. I felt so inspired, that after a couple of years of regular practice with local teachers, I travelled to India to complete the Sivananda Teacher Training in 2002.


Over the years yoga accompanied me wherever my flying duties took me. I found numerous great teachers and opportunities to explore different disciplines of yoga around the world. The gentle Scaravelli approach became my preferred style of practice and in 2010 I completed Gary Carter’s Anatomy for Yoga Teachers Course, which gave me further insight into our bodies' intricate connections. In the UK I have also had the privilege to study with Simon Low and more recently completed Restorative Yoga Teacher training with Emma Cole.


I wish to share the sense of lightness and calm that yoga practice offers. I aspire to be a warm and approachable instructor, paying attention to the students individual needs and development, with a careful eye on alignment and safety in postures.

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