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Current classes and prices

With focus on breath work, each class consists of some body conditioning, mindful movement and yoga postures with a meditative relaxation at the end. 

Classes are suitable for all levels.

Group classes

Yoga is at it's best when practised in a group

and the energy created can be shared.


Currently our regular group sessions are held in the cosy studio on Pembroke Crescent.

When the weather is suitable for outdoors again, we might lay our mats on the garden decking. We also meet at the Hove seafront, which offers a wonderful setting for yoga practise on the steps, pebbles and sand. You will feel immersed into nature, with the sea as a soundtrack to your yoga.

If you are attending an outdoor class, please ensure to wear suitable footwear and clothing; warm layers for colder weather and sunscreen for brighter days.

Also please bring your own mat.

Private classes

Some people prefer to build their knowledge of the postures privately before entering a big yoga studio. For others, private tuition is beneficial for healing a specific injury, or they might prefer the pace of the private class to match their mood on the day. Whatever your reason, I can bring yoga to the comfort of your own home or you can book a one to one session at my studio.

These classes will be planned with your preferences in mind, working towards a goal of your choice. Contact me to discuss your requirements and book.

Desk yoga

Many companies offer yoga as a wellbeing tool to their employees. If you think your workplace could facilitate a session for staff, even at their desks, please let me know. I really enjoy providing much needed relief for tight necks and shoulders, as well as offering some ideas on how to break the day with easy movement by your desk. These sessions are currently available online, unless the office has suitable space for delivering the session in person.

On Demand Yoga

Yoga videos and relaxation audio are available for anyone not able to attend in person, whether at home or when traveling for work.

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