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Desk Yoga

Chris, CEO, Design Agency in Brighton

Desk Yoga with Nina has been a truly uplifting addition to our working week. It’s a great team energiser and gives us all that essential reminder to breathe.

Nina guides us through just a right balance of dynamic movement and relaxation in a short time frame.

Even on the busiest days when we question if we have time, we are proved wrong and come away with a renewed focus which is really important for the team’s wellbeing.

eAppSys Office Manager

Thank you so much for leading the desk yoga session.

We really appreciated it, and we learned some great new stretches that we can do at our desks. 

Thanks again for taking the time to share your expertise with us.

Desk yoga


Many companies offer yoga as a wellbeing tool to their employees, with mental heath being a very current topic of discussion. If you think your workplace could facilitate a session for staff, at their desks, face to face or via Zoom conference anywhere in the world where your resources might be, please let me know.


I really enjoy providing much needed relief for tight necks and shoulders, as well as offering some ideas on how to break the day with easy movement by your desk.


These sessions are currently available online, unless the office has suitable space for delivering the session in person.

There are different options and pricing levels available, so please contact me to enquire.

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