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Desk Yoga

I am very exited to spread the benefits of my live desk yoga sessions and I believe it would be a great way of increasing the wellbeing and productivity of the employees of any company, whether office based or working remotely from home.

I deliver these sessions on Zoom, unless the client has a preferred platform that we can use.


I would love to offer a free 20 minute lunchtime trial session for your team. If they find it beneficial, these sessions could be scheduled in weekly. These short regular session will teach the attendees some useful tools for general wellbeing they can apply throughout the day.


Here is feedback from one of the previous long term office clients;

Desk yoga with Nina has been a truly uplifting addition to our working week. It’s a great team energiser and gives us all that essential reminder to breathe. Nina guides us through just a right balance of dynamic movement and relaxation in a short time frame. Even on the busiest days when we question if we have time, we are proved wrong and come away with a renewed focus which is really important for the team’s wellbeing.


- Chris James, CEO of 05Creative, Hove


Should you like to schedule a free trial, I can then share a short introduction to be sent to any of your employees interested in attending, so that they know what to expect.

For more, general information about me and the style of yoga I teach, click here.

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