Grace A, Hove

 "Thank you for this afternoon. I can't tell you how much I needed it and how much better I feel for it. You are an amazing yoga teacher" 

Zoe A, Hove

"I first visited Nina following a year of back pain after hurting my back in a (different) yoga class.
You could say I was rather nervous trying yoga again but Nina thoroughly investigated how I hurt my back, read my consultant notes to ensure any poses she suggested were appropriate and ensured pre, during and post class we adapted to any feedback my body was giving.
We started slow and steady, with regular poses adapted for my needs. Doing the most simplest of poses started as a struggle for me but her attentive and patient approach has helped me no end and got me back into enjoying classes.
  Thank you Nina!"

Helen, Hove

"This morning's session worked wonders. I had a spring in my step all day, but felt chilled and focused all at the same time, like a Ninja :).


Looking forward to more of that!"

Laura Larman, Naturopath, Hove

"Thank you for inviting me to your wonderful yoga classes. You have a lovely, calm, light energy and your instruction is thoughtful and intelligent.
I look forward to many more hours."

Other Testimonials


Feel free to let me know how your class went by contacting me here. Thank you!
"Nina's studio in her home is bright, calm and welcoming, just like Nina! The classes are varied and interesting and address each part of your body. Nina is great at working around any injuries you may have, giving you variations for the poses that work for your body. I really look forward to each class."
- Emily, Hove
"I had not been to a yoga class before; I've more been into action sports. Yesterday I attended my first class in Nina's home yoga studio, and came out surprised, refreshed and revived, both physically and mentally. Nina is an excellent teacher, with in depth physical knowledge and managed to make some old injuries feel better, which in turn will make me enjoy my runs more. I especially enjoyed the relaxing end to the class, with a very light prolonged stretch whilst being in a meditative state. Really brought me back in time a decade or 2 ending up with a much calmer, quieter brain; something I've not experienced for a long time! I can genuinely recommend Nina's classes!
- Alex 
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