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Restore and Reboot 18th June

Arrive in deep relaxation in this afternoon of yoga, sauna and reiki. Other dates; 16/7 and 3/9.

  • 75 British pounds
  • yoganina studio

Service Description

"My restorative retreat with Nina was really nurturing. I discovered that yoga is the perfect pre-sauna activity. Reiki led me to a deepened place of relaxation: I left feeling light and present. Highly recommend for anyone in need of a powerful reset, or some deep healing and rest." Delilah, Hove This half day retreat starts with a session of movement and yogic bodywork to bring your awareness inwards. Using mindful breathing you will start detoxing not only your body's systems but also stress from your mind. You will continue the process in the warmth of the sauna. This will heighten your senses further, especially if you refresh yourself with invigorating cold showers between the spells of heat in the sauna. After a pause to dry off and enjoy some refreshments and snacks, it is to be led into restorative yoga poses where your body is supported and able to let go off any remaining tension, be it physical, mental or emotional. Most importantly you arrive into a state of deep rest where the "system reboot" happens. As part of your retreat, you will get an opportunity to enjoy a reiki treatment, through which further release of hidden energy blocks can take place. If you now find yourself wondering: "What is Reiki?" please read on.. The origins of the reiki system are Japanese. The word reiki itself means Universal Energy. Energy flows through all living things and is vital to wellbeing. For Example, such energy controls our nervous system and blood circulation, allows us to breathe, walk and talk and such energy that allows a cut to heal itself. We don’t consciously control these parts of our body or think about how they happen, we just accept they do. We can give this miracle a name, body consciousness, your body is fully aware of keeping you alive and functioning in ways that you have no idea of. So briefly, what happens in a single session; Relaxing music, candles and a calm setting. We will begin with a short consultation to establish your aims for your session. You may want to focus on relaxation and time out for yourself, simply a time to be you. Or on an ailment or physical pain. on releasing emotions or creating space in your busy mind. There does not have to be an aim, the energy will go to where it needs to. Additional 1 hour reiki treatments are available on request. Please contact Emma to book or questions about the treatments. Emma Southern - Reiki Master Teacher , t.07776145499

Contact Details

  • 74 Pembroke Crescent, Hove, UK

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